Year 1 Citizenship

Learning about: the importance of rules and consequences of not following them; caring for the needs of babies, young children and animals; exploring our similarities and differences and an introduction to democracy

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Lesson 1: Rules

Learning the importance of rules and the consequences of not having, or not following, rules.


Lesson 2: Caring for others: Animals

Activities to develop an appreciation that animals have different needs, and an understanding of how to care for them.


Lesson 3: The needs of others

Learning about the responsibilities of looking after babies and young children.


Lesson 4: Similar, yet different

Starting to recognise how we are the same as, and different from, other people.


Lesson 5: Belonging

Looking at the range of groups that people belong to, and understanding these groupings.


Lesson 6: Democratic decisions

Introducing the concept of democracy and looking at how democracy works in society.