French weather and the water cycle

Learning phrases to describe the weather and vocabulary for the compass points; counting from 1-100 in multiples of ten; combining this knowledge to make statements about what the temperature is in different parts of France and to deliver a weather forecast. The unit culminates in a French science lesson, where the children explore the water cycle and recognise scientific cognates.

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Lesson 1: French weather phrases

Introducing weather phrases through symbols and mimes, practising vocabulary through games and using weather cards that depict winter accessories.

Lesson 2: French weather rap

Children consolidate their learning of weather phrases by learning and performing a weather rap and by playing the French version of 'Simon says...' using the mimes they learnt in Lesson 1.

Lesson 3: Compass points in French

Pupils learn the cardinal compass points and combine these with the weather phrases from Lessons 1 and 2 to make statements about what the weather is like, plotting the appropriate symbol, in the correct place, on a map of France.

Lesson 4: The temperature in France

Using their language detective skills, the children learn numbers to 100 in multiples of ten, and then make statements about the weather in France, describing the temperature, cities and compass points.

Lesson 5: The water cycle in French

Through a practical activity that explains the water cycle, children use cognates and near cognates to describe the process in French, then demonstrate their understanding by drawing and labelling a diagram of the water cycle.