Circle of life

Learning French through Science gives a relevant context, making learning more meaningful and memorable. In this topic, pupils explore habitats, food chains and life cycles, all in French and in a range of fun ways. Children also will delight in using habitat spinners, science puzzles and food chain flips to rapidly broaden their vocabulary and give them a deeper understanding of sentence structures

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Lesson 1: French animal nouns and sounds

Children use their dictionary skills to develop their animal vocabulary in French, understanding masculine and feminine nouns and how this affects their preceding article

Lesson 2: French habitats

Sentence spinners and fastest finger first games help pupils learn habitat names in an engaging way, whilst building upon their knowledge of sentence structure

Lesson 3: Life cycle French detectives

Pupils will need to use both their science skills and language knowledge when becoming detectives to solve this science puzzle

Lesson 4: French food chains

Children explore food chains, showing off their perfect French pronunciation when adapting phrases to create their own scientific statements

Lesson 5: French food chain flips

Children get creative, making Food Chain Flips to describe food chains, showcasing their language skills and scientific knowledge