Children learn about the markup language behind a webpage; becoming familiar with HTML tags, changing HTML and CSS code to alter images and ‘remixing’ a website’s text and images to create a fake news story

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Lesson 1: Introduction to HTML

Children learn that html is a markup language which defines how a website is displayed, they go on a HTML treasure hunt; investigating the code used to create different elements of the page

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Lesson 2: Remixing HTML

Pupils learn to edit HTML, changing the text size and content to create their own posters

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Lesson 3: Changing HTML and CSS

Pupils learn how HTML is used to determine the layout of a web page and CSS the look and style of it and then use this knowledge to create their own storyboards

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Lesson 4: Website Hacking

Applying their learning from the previous three lessons, pupils adapt a live website and learn about the issue of fake news and the reliability of information on the internet and create their own 'fake' stories by hacking the code of a website

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Lesson 5: Replacing Images

Building upon their learning from the previous lesson, pupils learn how to change an image within a web page and create their own news story, replacing the text and images of a webpage

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