Computing: Upper Key Stage 2

Lesson plans and teacher videos to instil confidence in your Computing teaching.

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Making use of great, freely available software, Kapow's lessons develop pupils’ knowledge across five areas: Digital Literacy and Online Safety, Computational Thinking and Computers and Hardware.

Year 5

5 lessons
Online Safety
Potential dangers and safety
5 lessons
The meaning and purpose of programming
5 lessons
Sonic Pi
Music programming apps
5 lessons
Search engines
Research skills and finding accurate information
5 lessons
Mars Rover 1
Data transfer and binary code
5 lessons
Mars Rover 2
3D design skills

Year 6

5 lessons
Intro to Python
Using the programming language of Python
5 lessons
Big Data 1
Barcodes, QR codes and RFID
5 lessons
Big Data 2
Data usage and smart schools
5 lessons
Bletchley Park 1
Code breaking and password hacking
5 lessons
Bletchley Park 2
WWII and the first computers
5 lessons
Skills showcase
Designing and promoting a new product