Computing: Upper Key Stage 2

Lesson plans and teacher videos to instil confidence in your Computing teaching.

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Making use of great, freely available software, Kapow Primary's lessons develop pupils’ knowledge across five areas: Digital Literacy and Online Safety, Computational Thinking and Computers and Hardware.

Year 5

Computing systems and networks: Search engines

Using keywords and phrases, identifying inaccurate information, learning page rank works as well. These lessons are available for both Microsoft and Google schools.

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Programming 1: Music

Applying programming skills to create sounds and melodies leading to a battle of the bands performance

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Data handling: Mars Rover 1

Data transfer and binary code

Programming 2: Micro:bit

The meaning and purpose of programming

Creating media: Stop motion animation

Storyboarding ideas, taking photographs and editing to create a video animation

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Skills showcase: Mars Rover 2

3D design skills

Online safety: Year 5

7Potential online dangers and safety

Year 6

Computing systems and networks: Bletchley Park

Code breaking and password hacking

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Programming: Intro to Python

Using the programming language of Python

Data handling 1: Big Data 1

Barcodes, QR codes and RFID

Creating media: History of computers

Children write, record and edit radio plays set during WWII, look back in time at how computers have evolved and design a computer of the future. Options for schools that use Google or Microsoft.

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Data handling 2: Big Data 2

Data usage and smart schools

Skills showcase: Inventing a product

Designing a product, pupils: evaluate, adapt and debug code to make it suitable and efficient for their needs; use a software program to design their products; create their own websites and video adverts to promote their inventions. Lesson options for schools using both Google and Microsoft software.

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Online safety: Year 6

Learning how to navigate the internet in an informed, safe and respectful way

Sample lessons

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