Unit 6: North America (Instrumental lessons)

Exploring minimalism and the music of composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich, children learn to identify music features such as interlocking patterns and layered textures. They learn to sing and play the piece 'Interlocking patterns' as they apply their skills reading staff notation and playing tuned percussion.

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Lesson 1: Minimalism

An introduction to the features of minimalism, including ostinato, layered textures, interlocking phrases and rhythms and simple harmony. Children listen and compare minimalist music to other music they have heard, making links to other units within the Instrumental scheme of work.

Learning Objective

To understand the key features of minimalism

Lesson 2: Interlocking patterns

Becoming more familiar with minimalist music, the children learn about composer Philip Glass and begin learning to sing and play part one of the piece 'Interlocking patterns'.

Learning Objective

To play a minimalist melody in two parts from staff notation

Lesson 3: Minimalist melodies

Experiencing the music of Steve Reich, the children become more familiar with the features of minimalist music and begin to learn the piece 'Interlocking patterns' on tuned percussion.

Learning Objective

To play an interlocking minimalist melody in two parts from staff notation

Lesson 4: Electronic dance music

Listening to and comparing examples of electronic dance music from different eras, the children identify connections to minimalist music and then learn another interlocking melody from their performance piece.

Learning Objective

To understand the connection between minimalist and electronic dance music

Lesson 5: Instrumental celebration

A chance to showcase everything they have learned across the instrumental units, the children will review the six music genres they have explored and perform each one in a fantastic finale!

Learning Objective

To play music from staff notation with accuracy, fluency, control and expression

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Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. Use at the start of the unit to access where pupils are in their learning and at the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources