Lesson 4: Making my monster

Children construct and assemble their moving monsters, decorating them as specified in their original designs from Lesson 2 and finally evaluating their efforts against their original Design Brief

Learning Objectives

  • Knowing how to make linkages by connecting levers and pivots

  • Knowing that materials can be selected according to their characteristics

  • Designing and making the features of the monster

  • Evaluating how functional the monster is and whether it meets the Design Criteria

Teacher Video: Making my monster

Pupil Video: Making my monster

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Activity: Monster head and jaw template
Activity: Monster evaluation
Created by:
Vicki Risianova,  
Design & Technology specialist
After 4 years of being a TV and radio presenter, Vicki headed to the secondary classroom where she spent 12 years teaching DesignTo make, draw or write plans for something. and Technology as well as PE. Working as a subject…
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