Art and design

  • Complete National curriculum coverage
  • Progressive scheme of work for Years 1-6
  • Teacher and pupil demonstration videos
  • 130+ lesson plans easily adaptable to other topics
  • Assessment resources for each unit

Skills developed

  • Making: painting, drawing, printing, creating 2 & 3D art and crafting
  • Generating ideas and taking inspiration from a range of artists and crafts people
  • Formal elements: colour, form, line, pattern, shape, texture and tone
  • Knowledge of artists' work and techniques
  • Evaluating: critiquing their own work and that of others

Explore by key stage

Introduction to Kapow Primary: Art and design

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Planning for the year?


Download the Kapow Primary standard long-term plan for Art and design here, designed for schools that deliver the subject each week.

You can also our combined Art and D&T long-term plan here, which has been created for schools that alternate between the subjects every half term.

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Our approach

  • 100+ teacher videos to develop your subject knowledge and confidence
  • 70 + pupil videos, demonstrating skills and techniques
  • Discrete teaching of the formal elements of art (line, shape, tone, texture, pattern and colour) and art & design skills
  • A broad range of inspiring arts and craftspeople featured
  • Overview of the progression of skills across KS1 & 2
  • Outcome snapshots and knowledge organisers for all units
  • Assessments, including quizzes and knowledge catchers for all units
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Recently added

  • Assessment quiz and knowledge catcher for every unit of lessons
  • Knowledge organisers for all topics (see 'Essential subject materials' section)

What others say

It is such an excellent source for all of my art lessons. There is nothing quite like it on the market in terms of art and DT.

Paola Aldus, Head of Art, St Teresa’s School

‘As a new Art leader, Kapow has saved me hours of planing and has provided me with different perspectives to teaching. The wide variety of resources has ensured that a vast majority of skills and techniques are covered. Moreover, the lessons are differentiated which allows all teachers to challenge the students in the class. I and all teachers at Portway Primary School are grateful to Kapow for the hard work and dedication.’

Arina Narbuntiene

Art subject leader

Subject partner

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Kapow Primary Art and design & DT community group

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