Unit 2: Caribbean (Instrumental lessons)

Learning about the history and features of Calypso music, performing a calypso style song with voices and tuned percussion in multiple parts and playing from staff notation. 

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Lesson 1: What is Calypso?

Discovering the origins of Calypso music, as well as some of its key features, before performing a Calypso style song.

Learning Objective

To understand the main features of Calypso music

Lesson 2: What's the story?

Creating and performing lyrics for a Calypso song.

Learning Objective

To improvise a vocal part in the style of a Calypso

Lesson 3: Instrumental Calypso

Learning about the importance of percussion instruments in Trinidad and playing and describing Calypso style percussion parts.

Learning Objective

To understand how and why percussion instruments can be used in Calypso music

Lesson 4: Calypso quavers

Recognising and performing quavers from staff notation then playing them within the context of a Calypso song.

Learning Objective

To recognise and perform quavers from staff notation

Lesson 5: Pentatonic Calypso

Improvising in a Calypso style using a pentatonic scale and different rhythms on tuned percussion.

Learning Objective

To improvise in a Calypso style using a pentatonic scale

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Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. Use at the start of the unit to access where pupils are in their learning and at the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources