Dance Music

In this engaging topic, children learn about how dance music is created, focusing particularly on the use of loops, and learn how to play a well known song before putting a dance music spin on it to create their own versions

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Lesson 1: Body Percussion Loops

After recapping what a loop is and what they are known as in different genres of music, children use their bodies to create a looped rhythm


Lesson 2: Mixing Loops

Using different loops of music, including beats, effects, melodies and voices, children create their own music mixes


Lesson 3: Learning the Original

In preparation for creating their own mix, children learn the original melody of Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Lesson 4: Looping Fragments

Building upon the melody that they learnt in the previous lesson, children play a fragment of the melody as a loop


Lesson 5: Remix

Once they have learned how to play looped fragments, children perform this over a backing beat to create a remix of the original song