In a French classroom

This unit introduces the imperative mood with classroom commands and the concept of noun gender, which determines the form of the indefinite article to be used. The children learn to respond to and give simple instructions, learn and use vocabulary for items commonly found in a school bag, and begin to build simple sentences using, 'I have a ...' and 'I don't have a...' constructions and simple connectives, 'and' and 'but' . By the end of the unit, the children use all they have learned, including rules on adjectival position, to write short descriptions in French and to give a presentation on what is in their school bag.

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Lesson 1: Follow the French teacher

Children learn to recognise the imperative mood by learning common classroom instructions through games including, 'Répétez si c'est vrai', Kim's game, a word and action matching game and 'Jacques a dit !' - the French version of ‘Simon says’; they also consider some of the differences between schools in the UK and schools in France.

Lesson 2: Pencils and things in the French classroom

Using song and games to learn the French names for common classroom items and understanding that every French noun is either 'masculine' or 'feminine' and the gender affects the form of the word for the indefinite article — 'un' or 'une'.

Lesson 3: To have or have not in a French classroom

Asking the question 'Tu as un/une…?', children circulate around the room trying to guess classroom items their peers are hiding behind their backs, before playing the card game 'Happy school bag families'

Lesson 4: School bag French detectives

With a focus on the written word, pupils read descriptions of school bag items, matching them to the correct images and noting the plural form of the nouns. They then design and write sentences about the contents of an imagined school bag, using the appropriate article and plural noun endings.

Lesson 5: In my French bag

Using their learning from the unit and previous units, children work in groups to plan a presentation about what they have in their school bag, what they don't have and give some additional information on colour, size and number.

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