Visiting a town in France

In learning directional and transport vocabulary and prepositional phrases, the children explore their journey to school and what places in town are worth a visit and why. They practise giving opinions and talk about a trip to France.

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Lesson 1: French directions to school

Describing the route to school and the places on the way

Lesson 2: Directions to places in a French town

Learning directional vocabulary and prepositional phrases

Lesson 3: Transport in a French town

Using transport vocabulary to talk about a trip to France and use negatives accurately

Lesson 4: Sightseeing in a French town

Pupils learn to agree/disagree and justify their opinions about about different places to visit

Lesson 5: French tourism

Using tourism vocabulary, children learn to analyse and identify grammatical features and to ask for clarification. Lesson can be readily adapted for other themes.