Composition to represent the festival of colour

Children explore the associations between music, sounds and colour, building up to composing and, as a class, performing their own musical composition to represent Holi, the Hindu festival of colour, which celebrates the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil. Holi celebrations include people throwing and smearing each other with vibrant, multi-coloured paints and powders.

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Lesson 1: Hearing colours

Children explore how music can be experienced visually by associating sounds and rhythms with different colours.

Lesson 2: Picturing music

Building on their knowledge of a graphic score, children focus on colours to create a visual representation of pieces of music.

Lesson 3: Vocal composition

Using abstract images as inspiration, children use the link between colours and music to create their own vocal compositions.

Lesson 4: Colour composition

With a focus on the different dimensions of music, pupils compose a piece of music based upon a single colour.

Lesson 5: Performing in colour

Pupils finish this unit with a class performance of their compositions to represent the clash of colours during the Holi festival.