Music: Upper Key Stage 2

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We make teaching music simple with engaging lessons based on popular themes, from animals and festivals to space and superheroes, all supported by teacher videos

Year 5

5 lessons
Composition notation
Theme: Ancient Egypt
5 lessons
South and West Africa
African songs and instruments
5 lessons
Looping and remixing
Dance music
5 lessons
Composition to represent the festival of colour
Theme: Holi festival
5 lessons
Changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics
Theme: Rivers theme
5 lessons
Musical theatre
Singing, acting and dancing

Year 6

5 lessons
Songs of World War 2
Developing pitch, control and confidence when singing
5 lessons
Advanced rhythms
Exploring rhythmic patterns in order to build a sense of pulse and using this understanding to create a composition.
5 lessons
Dynamics, pitch and tempo
Theme: Coast - Fingal’s Cave by Mendelssohn. Appraising the work of Mendelssohn and further developing the skills of improvisation and composition.
5 lessons
Theme and variations
Theme: Pop Art. Children explore the musical concept of theme and variations and discover how rhythms can 'translate’ onto different instruments.
5 lessons
Film music
Exploring and identifying the characteristics of film music. Creating a composition and graphic score to perform alongside a film.
6 lessons
Composing and performing a Leavers' Song