Musical Theatre

In this topic, children are introduced to musical theatre, learning how singing, acting and dancing can be combined to give an overall performance, as well as exploring how music can be used to tell a story, learning about performance aspects as they use songs to convey emotions

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Lesson 1: What is Musical Theatre?

Children are introduced to the concept of musical theatre and learn about its history including how it has changed over time


Lesson 2: Character or Action Song?

To develop their understanding of the role of different songs within a production, children learn how to identify character songs and action songs


Lesson 3: Create Your Own Musical

Applying what they’ve learnt, children plan their own musical theatre scene including a song, dance and acting


Lesson 4: Rehearsing My Musical

Once they have planned their musical, pupils decide upon the roles of individuals within their group and rehearse their scene


Lesson 5: Performing My Musical

To end the topic, children perform their musical scenes to the class