Design & Technology: Upper Key Stage 2

Lesson plans and teacher videos to instill confidence in your teaching of D&T *** NEW for Upper KS2- Knowledge organisers for each topic***

Choose your unit - Year 5 and Year 6

Kapow Primary's topics are based on the D&T Association's Projects on a Page themes, with pupils' skills and knowledge being developed across six key areas: structures, mechanisms, electrical systems, cooking and nutrition, digital world and textiles. Units can be taught within any order within the year group, as progression builds upon learning from the previous year.

Year 5

Mechanical systems: Pop-up book

Create a functional four-page pop-up storybook design, using lever, sliders, layers and spacers to create paper-based mechanisms.

Digital world: Monitoring devices

Apply Computing knowledge and understanding to program a Micro: bit animal monitoring device. Develop 3D CAD skills by learning how to navigate the Tinkercad interface and essential tools to combine multiple objects.

*New* Cooking and nutrition: Developing a recipe

Our refreshed Y5 cooking and nutrition unit including opportunities for children to learn a simple bolognese recipe and adapt it to improve nutritional content.

Structure: Bridges

Test and analyse various types of bridge to determine their strength and stability. Explore material properties and sources, before marking, sawing and assembling a wooden truss bridge.

Textiles: Stuffed toys

Design a stuffed toy and make decisions on materials, decorations and attachments (appendages), after learning how to sew a blanket stitch.


Electrical systems: Doodlers

Our Doodlers unit explores series circuits further and introduces motors. Explore how the design cycle can be approached at a different starting point, by investigating an existing product, which uses a motor, to encourage pupils to problem-solve and work out how the product has been constructed, ready to develop their own.

ARCHIVED unit: Electrical systems: Electronic greetings cards

Updated unit now available. This version will be available until July 2021.

Archived unit: Cooking and nutrition: What could be healthier?

Discover the farm to fork process, understand the key welfare issues for rearing cattle. Compare the nutritional value of existing sauces and develop a healthier recipe.

Year 6

Digital world: Navigating the world

Design and program a navigation tool to produce a multifunctional device for trekkers using CAD 3D modelling software. Pitch and explain the product to a guest panel.

*New* Cooking and nutrition: Come dine with me

Our refreshed Y6 cooking and nutrition unit including optional opportunities to supplement the ‘Come dine with me’ project with learning about the basic tastes and complementary flavours.

Structures: Playgrounds

Research existing playground equipment and their different forms, before designing and developing a range of apparatus to meet a list of specified design criteria.

Textiles: Waistcoats

Using a combination of textiles skills such as attaching fastenings, appliqué and decorative stitches, children design, assemble and decorate a waistcoat for a chosen purpose.

Electrical systems: Steady hand game

Understand what is meant by fit for purpose design and form follows function. Design and develop a steady hand game using a series circuit, including housing and backboard.

Mechanical systems: Automata toys

Develop a functional automata window display, to meet the requirements in a design brief. Explore and create cam, follower and axle mechanisms to mimic different movements.

Archived unit: Cooking and nutrition: Come dine with me

Develop a three-course menu focused on three key ingredients, as part of a paired challenge to develop the best class recipes. Explore each key ingredient’s farm to fork process.