Journey inside a computer

By knowing how computers work, children can better understand how to instruct them to achieve a desired result. Assuming the role of computer parts and creating paper versions of computers helps pupils to consolidate their understanding of how a computer works, as well as identifying similarities and differences between various models

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Lesson 1: Inputs and outputs

In this lesson, children learn about the different forms of inputs and outputs and their functions, pupils develop their understanding that computers follow instructions


Lesson 2: Building a paper laptop

In this lesson, chilldren consolidate their understanding of the different components of a computer and build a paper version of a laptop, describing the purpose of the various parts


Lesson 3: Following instructions

In this lesson, children mimic the CPU and GPU by working in groups to create a giant piece of artwork by closely following an algorithm


Lesson 4: Computer memory

In this lesson, children take part in a number of different games to develop their understanding of the purpose of the various parts of a computer, including the ROM, RAM and hard drives


Lesson 5: Dismantling a tablet

In this lesson, children build on their understanding of computer parts from Lesson 2 and compare the similarities and differences between different types of computers before drawing a diagram of a tablet with all of its components