Year 5 Families and relationships

Developing an understanding of families, including marriage and what to do if someone feels unsafe in their family; learning that dealing issues can strengthen a friendship; exploring the impact of bullying and what influences a bully's behaviour; learning to appreciate our individual positive attributes.

Useful resources for teaching Family and relationships

Useful resources for teaching Family and relationships

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Lesson 1: Build a friend

Learning what makes a good friend and why friends are important.

Lesson 2: Friendship skills

Exploring friendships and possible solutions to problems; learning that friendships can be stronger after an issue as happened.

Lesson 3: Marriage

Learning about different types of marriage and the history of marriage in England.

Lesson 4: Respecting myself

Learning the importance of self-respect and how this affects happiness and decision-making.

Lesson 5: Family life

Learning that sometimes family relationships may make children feel unhappy and what children can do if this happens.

Lesson 6: Bullying

Learning about bullying and what might lead someone to be a bully.

Lesson 7: Stereotyping: Gender

Discovering what gender stereotyping is, knowing that stereotypes have developed over time and that throughout history there have been different attitudes to males and females. Learning why it is bad to stereotype people based on gender and being aware that there are still things that need to change in relation to the way genders are treated.

Lesson 8: Stereotypes: Race and religion

Discussing the saying ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ and what this means in terms of stereotyping others based on their race or religion. Learning that stereotyping people in this way causes issues and often leads to discrimination, which can be harmful and destructive. Challenging any negative views surrounding race and religion.

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