Economic wellbeing

Learning about where money comes from, how to look after money and why we use banks and building societies.

Choose your lesson

Lesson 1: Where money comes from

The class learn where money comes from and how people make money

Lesson 2: Needs and wants

Children begin to understand the difference between wants and needs

Lesson 3: Wants and needs

Children develop an understanding about why saving money is important and can help to buy the things we want

Lesson 4: Looking after money

Children learn that banks look after money, certain features of different banks and the benefits of bank accounts

Lesson 5: Jobs

Children learn that different skills and interests help someone decide what job to do

Assess your pupils

Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. These can be used at the start of the unit to access where pupils are in their learning as well as the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources