Art and design: Key Stage 1

The KS1 scheme of work offers full curriculum coverage for Art and design. Units can be adapted to fit alternative themes and topics.

About our key stage 1 Art and design units

Each year group features:

  • A Formal elements of art unit focussing on the explicit development of: colour, form, line, shape, texture, tone and pattern.
  • An Art and design skills unit focussing specifically on art, craft and design skills.

These skills are then applied and developed further in the other units either in that year group, or later year groups.

We recommend starting with the Formal elements and Skills units. Other units can be taught in any order within the year group.

Choose your unit - Year 1 and Year 2

Year 1

Formal elements of art

Exploring shape, line and colour: mixing and painting with secondary colours, using circles to create abstract compositions and working collaboratively to create a class piece of art inspired by water.

Art and design skills

Developing drawing, design, craft and art appreciation skills; exploring two different printing techniques, using 2D shapes to explore a variety of media, mixing different shades of one colour and discussing the work of artist Louis Wain.

Landscapes using different media (Themes: The seaside, Castles)

Experimenting with different art materials to create texture.

Example theme: The seaside, alternative theme: Castles.

Sculptures and collages (Theme: Living things)

On the theme of the natural world, children create sculptures, collages, 3D models of creatures and a giant spider sculpture, inspired by Louise Bourgeois.

Year 2

Formal elements of art

Pattern, texture and tone: creating printed patterns using everyday objects, taking rubbings using different media and creating 3D drawings.

Art and design skills

Design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation: replicating the recognisable crockery of Clarice Cliff, exploring tone through shading, developing weaving skills, working with clay and experimenting with brush strokes.

Human form

Exploring how bodies and faces are portrayed in art: looking at works of art, creating collages, drawing portrait, creating a peg figure and collage.

Sculpture and mixed media (Theme: Superheroes)

Sculpture, pop art, drawing to portray emotions and taking inspiration from the works of Roy Lichtenstein.