Design & Technology: Lower Key Stage 2

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Choose your unit - Year 3 and Year 4

Kapow Primary's topics are based on the D&T Association's Projects on a Page themes, with pupils' skills and knowledge being developed across six key areas: structures, mechanisms, electrical systems, cooking and nutrition, digital world and textiles. Units can be taught within any order within the year group, as progression builds upon learning from the previous year.

Year 3

Textiles: Cross-stitch and appliqué

Learn and apply two new sewing techniques – cross-stitch and appliqué. Utilise these new skills to design and make a cushion or Egyptian collar.

Choose one:

Electrical systems: Electric poster

Our new electric poster unit introduces children to various forms of ‘Information design’ before they are briefed to develop an electric museum display based on the Romans.

Mechanical systems: Pneumatic toys

Explore pneumatic systems, then apply this understanding to design and make a pneumatic toy including thumbnail sketches and exploded diagrams.

Digital world: Electronic charm

Design, develop a program, house and promote a Micro:bit electronic charm to use in low-light conditions.

*New* Digital world: Wearable technology

An alternative to the Electronic charm unit, including a greater focus on evaluation, use of the virtual micro:bit and new video content.

Cooking and nutrition: Eating seasonally

Learn about various fruits and vegetables, and when, where and why they are grown in different seasons. Discover the relationship between colour and health benefits.

Structures: Constructing a castle

Identify and learn about the key features of a castle, before designing and making a recycled-material castle (structure).

Electrical systems: Static electricity* Due to be archived end of 2023 school year.

Explore the science behind static electricity and apply this new knowledge to generate ideas for and make a static-electricity game.


*NB. This unit will be archived at the end of 2023, following improvements to our D&T scheme to strengthen the progression of knowledge and skills across the Electrical systems strand. You will still be able to access the unit through the search function on the website after the unit is archived.

Year 4

Electrical systems: Torches

Identify the difference between electrical and electronic products. Evaluate a range of existing torches and their features, then develop a new functional torch design.

Mechanical systems: Making a slingshot car

Using a range of materials, design and make a car with a working slingshot mechanism and house the mechanism using a range of nets.

Digital world: Mindful moments timer

Explore what is meant by mindfulness and write design criteria to fulfil a brief to develop a programmed product for timing a mindful moment.

*New* Digital world: Mindful moments timer

An alternative to the original mindful moments timer unit, including a greater focus on evaluation, use of the virtual micro:bit and new video content.

Cooking and nutrition: Adapting a recipe

Work in groups to adapt an existing biscuit recipe, whilst taking into account the cost of the ingredients and other expenses against a set budget.

Structure: Pavilions

Investigate and model frame structures to improve their stability, then apply this research to design and create a stable, decorated pavilion.

Textiles: Fastenings

Analyse and evaluate a range of existing fastenings, then devise a list of design criteria to design, generate templates and make a fabric book sleeve.