In this topic, pupils experiment and get creative with their music making. Drawing upon their understanding of repeating patterns in music, pupils are introduced to the concept of motifs. They will develop their skills further by adapting and transposing motifs before performing them to their peers

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During the pandemic, you may wish to omit lesson one and ensure the instruments are sanitised and quarantined between use.

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Lesson 1: Here Come the Romans

Children sing Roman themed vocal warm-ups and learn the Road Building Song through call and response


Lesson 2: Musical Motifs

Children learn what a motif is and how to identify one, before playing and incorporating them into the Road Building Song


Lesson 3: Motifs and Mosaics

In this lesson, children create their own motif and experiment with a different form of notation to record their compositions


Lesson 4: Motif Development

Experimenting with rhythm, note order and even the notes themselves, children develop their motifs from the previous lesson


Lesson 5: Combine and Perform

To end the topic, pupils combine different versions of their motif and perform these to the rest of the class