Lesson 2: Simple descriptions in French

Pupils learn adjectives to describe hair and eye colour and extend their awareness of adjectival agreement,to appreciate that the adjective changes if the noun it describes is plural.

Learning objective

  • To understand a simple description of hair colour

National curriculum links

Pupils should be taught to:

  • listen attentively to spoken language and show understanding by joining in and responding
  • describe people, place, things and actions orally and in writing
  • understand basic grammar appropriate to the language being studied, including (where relevant): feminine, masculine and neuter forms and the conjugation of high-frequency verbs; key features and patterns of the language; how to apply these, for instance, to build sentences; and how these differ from or are similar to English



KS2 Framework

  • Listen for specific words and phrases (O4.2)
  • Identify specific sounds (O4.3)

Success criteria

Cross-curricular links

Before the lesson

Attention grabber

Main event

Wrapping up

During the week

  • Add eux to the class sound bank, or create one if you don’t already have one. See if the children can think of words from the last less and this lesson that have this letter string ( heureux, sérieux, les cheveux, les yeux). Challenge the children to spell these words on the board.
  • Assemble a collection of wigs. Use props from school plays/dressing up, ask children to bring in any they might have or buy cheap ones, the crazier the better! (You can buy them online for as little as £1). Use the wigs for a team game – two small groups of children race each other. You say, for example, Il a les cheveux blonds and the first team to put a blonde wig on a boy in their team wins.
  • The children can take photos of each other wearing the wigs and add captions to describe their hair. You could create a range of captions for them to select from and stick on. This could form a display.

Assessing pupils' progress and understanding


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