Lesson 2: Simple descriptions in French

Pupils learn how to describe hair and eyes in this lesson and apply their knowledge in a fun guessing game

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding a simple description

  • Recognising a picture of someone from a description of their hair and eye colour

  • Knowing it is common to add ‘s’ to adjectives describing a plural noun

  • Knowing that most adjectives go after the noun in French

Lesson Plan

Simple descriptions and plural nouns
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Teacher Video: Simple descriptions in French

Presentation: Key Vocabulary and Pronunciation - Simple descriptions in French

Open in presentation mode and click on the dots to hear the sound recordings in French

Presentation: Les cheveux et les yeux

Created by:
Simone Haughey,  
Languages specialist
Previously a generalist Primary teacher for 12 years, Simone now specialises in Languages. She is MFL Consultant and Languages Teacher at Robin Hood Primary. Her work with Mandarin Chinese led to the IoE Confucius Institute for Schools awarding her school with Confucius…
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