Word processing

In this topic, children learn about word processing and how to stay safe online as well developing their touch typing skills. They are introduced to keyboard shortcuts, as well as simple editing tools within a word processor including: bold, italics, underline and font colour as well as how to import images.

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Lesson 1: Getting to know the keyboard

Children learn about the layout of a keyboard and the basics of touch typing


Lesson 2: Getting started with word processing

Following on from the introduction to touch typing, children are learn about word processing and storing information in a text document as well as keyboard shortcuts


Lesson 3: Newspaper writer

Building on their basic word processing skills, pupils learn how to edit and format images in a text document


Lesson 4: Poetry book

By searching on the Internet, children learn how to copy and paste text to create a poetry book and understand the importance of referencing copied work


Lesson 5: Making friends online

After learning more about being safe online, pupils create digital posters based around a video from ThinkUKnow