Art & Design: Upper Key Stage 2

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Each year group features a topic focusing on the explicit development of art, craft and design skills and on the formal elements of art: colour, form, line, shape, texture, tone and pattern. These skills are applied and developed further in the remaining topics, each comprising five lessons.

Year 5

5 lessons
Year 5: Formal elements: Architecture
Children learn how to draw from observation, create a print and draw from different perspectives. They learn about the role of an architect and are challenged to consider why houses look the way they do and if there is scope to change and improve them.
7 lessons
Year 5: Art & design skills
Design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation
5 lessons
Every picture tells a story
Analysing famous artists’ work
5 lessons
Design for a purpose
A coat of arms, a brand name and an advert

Year 6

6 lessons
Art & Design Skills
Design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation
5 lessons
Make my voice heard
Messaging in drawing, painting and sculpture
4 lessons
Photomontage, macro photography and self-portrait
6 lessons
Still life
Example theme: Memory Box