Programming: Scratch

Building on their use of the App ‘ScratchJr’ in Year 2, pupils progress to using the more advanced computer based application ‘Scratch’, carrying out an informative cycle of predict > test > review, learning to use repetition or ‘loops’ and building upon their skills to program; an animation, a story and a game

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Lesson 1: Tinkering with Scratch

In this lesson, children familiarise themselves with 'Scratch': predicting, exploring and explaining as they go, then learn how to create 'sprites' and ‘tinker’ to explore the functionality of the different blocks available


Lesson 2: Using loops

In this lesson, children use Scratch and create musical instruments using either the 'sound' blocks, real musical notes or by selecting sounds from the library, using 'loops' to create the repetition found in most music pieces


Lesson 3: Making an animation

In this lesson, children 'remix' an animation and make it their own by altering the program's code, following a set of challenges or suggested alterations to the animations


Lesson 4: Storytelling

In this lesson, children consider the plot in the animation 'Storytelling', then remix it to complete the story by creating a middle and an end and adding speech


Lesson 5: Programming a game

In this lesson, children explain the action and algorithm behind it, then represent the code on paper before programming it into Scratch to replicate the original