French monster pets

Looking at animals, monsters and hybrids, children use their ‘detective skills’ to extract information from an authentic French text, identify and sort nouns by their gender and make adjectives agree. This helps develop understanding of sentence structure and culminates in the children writing a paragraph to describe their own monster pet creation.

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Lesson 1: French detectives - beware the dragon!

Pupils work together to look for information within a text about a Varan de Komodo (Komodo Dragon), using a range of language detective skills to identify key facts about the animal.

Lesson 2: Body parts in French - nouns, gender and number

Pupils use the names for parts of the human body to test gender clues, to practise using the correct article, to identify nouns and nouns patterns and to develop their knowledge of language and word order. They use their understanding and knowledge to match pictures of monsters with their descriptions and to write a missing description.

Lesson 3: A French monster mash-up

In describing hybrid animals, children revise vocabulary for animals, body parts and certain adjectives, and consolidate their knowledge of noun gender and how gender impacts the article and adjectives. The children create their own unique animal mash-up, producing a short presentation to describe that animal.

Lesson 4: About a beast with French adjectives

Revision and consolidation of rules of adjectival agreement and position through games searching for adjective families and then playing'running dictation' where one child verbally relays monster descriptions for another child to scribe.

Lesson 5: Fantastic French beasts

Children write a descriptive fact file paragraph about the monster they created in Lesson 3, incorporating all the vocabulary and grammar they have learned in this and other units, and present their writing to the class.

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