Rock and Roll

Learning about the origin and features of rock and roll music, pupils learn how to play the Hand Jive and Rock Around the Clock, looking specifically at a walking bass line, before then performing a piece as a class

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Lesson 1: Hand jive

After learning about the origins and features of Rock and Roll music, pupils then perform the hand jive


Lesson 2: Rock Around the Clock

Pupils learn to sing and perform the rock and roll song 'Rock Around The Clock'


Lesson 3: Walking Bass Line

Using glockenspiels or keyboards, pupils learn to play a rock and roll bass line


Lesson 4: Performing the Bass

Building upon the previous lesson, pupils play and perform the remainder of the rock and roll bass line, focussing on playing accurately and in time


Lesson 5: Rock and Roll Performance

By the end of the lesson the class will perform ‘Rock Around the Clock’ together, with pupils taking on different roles and instruments