Design & Technology

  • Develop subject knowledge and deliver lessons with impact
  • 100+ lesson plans, resources, teacher cpd videos, pupil videos
  • Adopt as a scheme or adapt to your school's curriculum
  • Ensure pupil progression
  • ***New*** Knowledge Organisers for each topic

Skills developed

  • Designing
  • Making
  • Evaluating
  • Technical understanding
  • Working creatively
  • Innovation

Remote teaching spring 2021

How to use Kapow Primary when teaching remotely

Introduction to Kapow Primary: D&T

Curriculum overview

Our curriculum overview shows how Kapow Primary’s Design & technology scheme covers the requirements of the National curriculum KS1 and KS2

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Our approach

  • Authored by primary D&T specialists
  • Content based on D&T Association's "Projects on a Page"
  • A full scheme of work, easily adaptable to your teaching needs, time and resources
  • Clear progression of learning throughout KS1 & KS2.
  • Relevant cross-curricular opportunities

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D&T knowledge organiser

Recently added

  • Pupil videos featuring demonstrations of the skills and activities
  • Knowledge organisers for all topics (see Teaching support materials section)
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Coming soon

  • New lessons for teaching the computer aided design (CAD) aspect of the curriculum
  • New 'enhanced' units of lessons for teaching D&T in greater depth, or for additional D&T projects

Kapow Primary Art and Design & Technology community group

For inspiration and support for Design & Technology and Art, join our facebook group.

Subject partner

The Design and Technology Association supports high quality design, engineering and technology education.