Developing singing technique (Theme: The Vikings)

The children develop their singing technique; learning to keep in time, and work on musical notation and rhythm, culminating in a group performance of a song with actions.

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Lesson 1: Here come the Vikings!

Children sing Viking themed vocal warm-ups and learn the 'Dragon Ships' song through call and response

Lesson 2: Sing like a Viking

Children develop their singing technique and add actions to the 'Dragon Ships' song to help them to remember the lyrics and keep in time.

Lesson 3: Viking notation

Using Viking-themed phrases to learn new rhythms, pupils develop their understanding of stave notation, learning to recognise note names by sight and sound

Lesson 4: Viking battle song

Experimenting with the order of known rhythms, children create their own Viking song, adding instrumental effects

Lesson 5: Perform like a Viking

The children perform the ‘Dragon Ships’ song and each group’s Viking battle song, then evaluate each others' performance and discuss what they could do better next time