Online safety: Year 2

Learning about online safety, including: what happens to information when it is posted online; how to keep things safe and private online; who we should ask before sharing things online; describing different ways to ask for, give, or deny permission online

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Lesson 1: What happens when I post online?

Pupils learn how information put online about someone can last for a long time and find out about who to talk to if something has been put online without consent or if it is incorrect using differentiated scenarios

Lesson 2: How do I keep my things safe online?

Learning how passwords can be used to protect information, accounts and devices; giving examples of what is meant by ‘private’ and 'keeping things private'; explaining some rules for keeping personal information private (e.g. creating and protecting passwords).

Lesson 3: Who should I ask?

Children learn that they should speak to a responsible adult before sharing things about themselves or others online.

Lesson 4: It’s my choice

Pupils learn that we have the right to say ‘no’ or ‘I will have to ask someone’ if someone wants to share something about us online.

Lesson 5: Is it true?

Learning that not everything we read, see or hear online are true and learning strategies that can be adopted to check if something online is true or not

Learning Objective

To understand strategies that will help me decide if something seen online is true or not

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