Computing: Key Stage 1

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Making use of freely-available software, Kapow Primary's lessons develop pupils’ knowledge across: Digital Literacy and Online Safety; Computational Thinking and Computers and Hardware.

Year 1

5 lessons
Getting started
Login, navigate and mouse skills
5 lessons
Programming: Bee-Bot
Programming functions and capabilities
5 lessons
Algorithms unplugged
Algorithms in real life
5 lessons
Digital imagery
Photo capture and editing
5 lessons
Introduction to data
Gathering and recording animal data
5 lessons
Rocket to the moon
Keyboard skills, sequencing and debugging in a rocket project

Year 2

5 lessons
What is a computer?
Inputs/outputs and uses
5 lessons
Word processing
Touch typing and staying safe online
5 lessons
Programming: ScratchJr
Programming apps
5 lessons
Algorithms and debugging
Programming: Plugged-In and Unplugged
5 lessons
International Space Station
Data collection, display and interpretation
5 lessons
NEW - Stop motion (Option 2: Using tablet devices)
Storyboarding and simple animation creation
4 lessons
NEW - Stop motion (Option 3: Devices without cameras)
Storyboarding and simple animation creation

Sample lessons

Sample lessons image 1