Sculpture and 3D: Creation station

Exploring the sculptural qualities of malleable materials and natural objects; developing the use of tools and joining techniques; designing and making clay animal sculptures. 

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Lesson 1: Clay

Exploring and understanding clay through manipulation and experimentation; developing small motor skills.

Learning Objective

To explore clay and its properties

Lesson 2: Playdough

Exploring the properties of playdough using hands and tools to manipulate it in different ways.

Learning Objective

To explore playdough and its properties

Lesson 3: 3D landscape art

Creating 3D landscape pictures using natural found objects; using their imagination to choose and arrange objects.

Learning Objective

To create natural 3D landscape pictures using found objects

Lesson 4: Designing animal sculptures

Looking at the shapes and patterns in clay animal sculptures; designing their own animal sculpture, considering how they will create it in clay.

Learning Objective

To generate inspiration and conversation about sculpture art and artists.

Lesson 5: Creating animal sculptures

Shaping clay into animal sculptures; refining their ideas as they follow their designs and problem solving as they work.

Learning Objective

To begin making a 3D clay sculpture using the designs created last lesson

Lesson 6: Painting animal sculptures

Developing their clay animals; choosing colours to decorate them and talking about the processes used to make their sculptures.

Learning Objective

To make a 3D clay sculpture using the designs created last lesson