What's our story

Kapow Primary was born because of the lack of affordable, accessible support for teachers across the more practical, non-core subjects.

Many schools were feeling that they weren’t offering a well-rounded educational experience for their pupils following the 2014 National Curriculum changes and the stronger focus on maths and English.

In addition, the brand new subject of computing was added to the curriculum as well as the mandatory requirement to teach a language at KS2. 

Many of us went into teaching to inspire a love of learning in children and to expose them to a wide range of subjects, knowledge and skills. However, budget and time constraints can make it difficult to realise these aspirations.

We hope that Kapow Primary helps schools and teachers to achieve these challenges.



We listened to teachers and schools and then designed Kapow Primary to help...

Broad and Balanced

schools provide a high-quality, broad and balanced curriculum and to support subject leaders with a progressive, school-wide solution for the specialist subjects.

Subject Knowledge

teachers enhance their subject knowledge and develop professionally via bite-sized teacher videos and high-quality lesson plans, adaptable to a variety of topics and themes.


schools and teachers benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm of primary subject specialists, 24/7 at an affordable cost.

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We’re mindful of the time and financial pressures on you, so we:

  • Minimise the costs of equipment and materials required to teach our lessons.  Just search required resources and you can see the list of extras required.
  • Do not expect you to take out a subscription to all our subjects, just choose the ones that interest you.
  • Offer free trials, without further obligation, so you can look at Kapow Primary in your own time, without pressure from sales calls – although we do love to hear from you!
  • Have transparent pricing: you can see the cost clearly on the website by clicking the pricing button
  • The more subjects you buy, the less the per-subject cost and you can upgrade at any point in your subscription year and still benefit from the multi-subject discount.


The best way to find out more is to take out a no-obligation free trial for seven days here.  Your access will automatically lapse at the end of the trial so there is no need to worry about learning more about Kapow Primary.