French playground games - numbers, age and time

This KS 2 topic sees children count in French, recognise and use numbers to twelve, ask how old someone is and answer the same question, compare sentence structures in French and English and put this vocabulary into practice by playing some traditional French games

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Lesson 1: Let's count in French

Children learn the numbers one to six and play the traditional French board game 'jeu de l’oie'


Lesson 2: Let's count higher in French

Children learn the numbers six to twelve and the French song '1, 2, 3 Nous irons au bois' before practising counting out of sequence in preparation for playing the game lotto


Lesson 3: How old are you in French?

Children read 'Amelie’s letter', looking for clues to help them decipher its meaning, and learning to ask the question how old are you (Tu as quel âge?) and to reply (J’ai ... ans).


Lesson 4: Reading French numbers

After counting to twelve and ordering numbers, children answer the question 'Il y a combien...?' and complete a differentiated activity, matching or drawing pictures and adding colour adjectives to number words


Lesson 5: Outdoor games in France

Pupils play traditional French games including, 'la marelle' (a version of hopscotch), 'le loup est-il passé?' (similar to 'duck, duck, goose' and based on Little Red Riding Hood) and 'grand point à point' - a giant ‘dot to dot’ puzzle