Mechanisms: Making a moving monster

After learning the terms; pivot, lever and linkage, children set to designing a monster that will move using a linkage mechanism. After practising making linkages of different types and varying the materials they use, children can also bring their monsters to life with the gift of movement.

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Lesson 1: Pivots, levers and linkages

Looking at every day objects, children learn that a lever is something that turns on a pivot and that a linkage is a system of levers that are connected by pivots


Lesson 2: Designing my monster

With levers, linkages and pivots in mind, children design two possible moving monster ideas against a Design Criteria and then carry out a tally survey to see which is favoured by their peers


Lesson 3: Making linkages

Children experiment with making the linkages that will enable their monsters move, varying the width, length and thicknesses of the card they use and demonstrating to the class the success of these adaptations


Lesson 4: Making my monster

Children construct and assemble their moving monsters, decorating them as specified in their original designs from Lesson 2 and finally evaluating their efforts against their original Design Brief