Activity 6: Map making

Making their own maps.

Learning goal

  • To apply their knowledge of maps to make their own.

EYFS outcomes

Development matters

Understanding the world

  • Draw information from a simple map.

Characteristics of effective learning

  • Active learning.
  • Creating and thinking critically.

See Development Matters (non-statutory curriculum guidance).

Before the lesson

Print in advance


Support and challenge

Adults can use the opportunity to discuss and/or support with:

  • Identifying and naming geographical features and characteristics.
  • Introducing and supporting the use of new vocabulary.
  • Recalling details about the local area.


  • above

  • aerial

  • bird's eye view

  • feature

  • feature names (e.g. bench, building, field, gate, hall, hill, house, playground, pond, road, steps, tree, woodland, etc.)

  • map

  • place

Curriculum opportunities

Created by:
Sophie Pickles (EYFS),  
Geography specialist
Sophie is an¬†expert Early Years consultant. She has spent many years both teaching in Reception and leading, in her role of Head of Early Years and senior manager at an outstanding-rated, child-led setting. Sophie now works with many national educational…
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