Composing and performing a Leavers’ song

Children spend the topic creating their very own leavers’ song personal to their experiences as a class; listening to and critiquing well known songs reflective of new beginnings, writing the lyrics for the chorus and verses, exploring the concept of the four chord backing track and composing melodies

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Lesson 1: A single year

Evaluating a song based on its lyrics, tempo, melody and arrangement.

Lesson 2: Writing chorus lyrics

Using suitable words and phrases for the chorus of a song and turning the ideas into lyrics.

Lesson 3: Writing verse lyrics

Using poetry writing skills to turn suitable words into lyrics and working in groups to sequence and structure lyrics into a verse.

Lesson 4: Backing track

The children explore four-chord progressions and use vocal improvisation and known melodies over a backing track.

Lesson 5: Creating a melody

The children compose a melody for the chorus of their song using different kinds of notation.

Lesson 6: The final piece

Using all the techniques and knowledge they have learned, the children create and perform their Year 6 leavers' song.