EYFS (Reception)

Units of lessons and teacher guidance to develop pupils' Music skills in the early years

Updated Statutory framework for EYFS 2021

Kapow Primary’s EYFS scheme has been updated to reflect the updated 2021 Statutory framework.

Creating a musical learning environment

Creating a musical learning experience part 1
Creating a musical learning experience part 2
Exploring notation using pulse and rhythm
Exploring notation using pitch
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EYFS units

Exploring sound

Exploring how to use our voice and bodies to make sounds, experimenting with tempo and dynamic when playing instruments and identifying sounds in the environment.

Celebration music

Learning about the music from a range of cultural and religious celebrations, including Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas.

Music and movement

Creating simple actions to songs, learning how to move to a beat and expressing feelings and emotions through movement to music.

Musical stories

A unit based on traditional childrens’ tales and songs, where pupils learn that music and instruments can be used to convey moods or represent characters.


Using their voices, bodies and instruments to explore different types of transport, identify and mimic transport sounds and interpret and perform a simple score.

Big band

Learning about the four different groups of musical instruments, following a beat using an untuned instrument and performing a practised song to a small audience.

EYFS Teacher guidance for music

Teacher guidance: Music and continuous provision

Guidance on how to include music within your regular classroom provision