Musical stories

A unit based on traditional childrens' tales and songs. Moving to music with instruction, changing movements to match the tempo, pitch or dynamic of the piece; understanding that music and instruments can be used to convey moods or represent characters; playing an instrument as part of a group story.

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Lesson 1: Moving to music

Children listen to the lyrics and melody of the 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' and follow instructions to move to the music, changing their movements to reflect the tempo, pitch or dynamic of the piece

Lesson 2: Using instruments to represent characters

The children listen to the classical piece and narrated story of 'Peter and the Wolf' by Sergei Prokofiev and recall the characters from the story before exploring how each is represented in the music

Lesson 3: Storytelling with actions

Children use actions to tell the story of 'The Sleeping Princess' before singing and performing a group song based on the story

Lesson 4: Using instruments to represent actions

Children are divided into small groups and allocated a section of the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen with corresponding instruments to play

Lesson 5: Musical story composition

Children write, compose, practise and perform their own musical story based on either their morning routine, the school day routine or anything else that is appropriate for your class

Lesson 6: Musical story performance

Children perform their musical story based upon a familiar routine, using movement to express moods or actions within the story