Computing: EYFS (40-60 months)

Units of lessons and teacher guidance to develop pupils' computing skills in the early years

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EYFS units

5 lessons
Exploring hardware
Tinkering and exploring with different computer hardware and learning to operate a camera
5 lessons
Programming Bee-Bots EYFS
Children learn about directions, experiment with programming a Bee-bot/Blue-bot and tinker with hardware
5 lessons
All about instructions
The children learn to receive and give instructions and understand the importance of precise instructions
5 lessons
Introduction to data EYFS
Children sort and categorise data and are introduced to branching databases and pictograms
5 lessons
Using a computer
Learning about the main parts of a computer and how to use the keyboard and mouse. Logging in and out.

EYFS Teacher guidance for computing

0 lessons
Teacher guidance: Supporting a child-led project using technology
0 lessons
Teacher guidance: Computing through continuous provision

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