French and the Eurovision Song Contest

This unit uses the concept of the Eurovision Song Contest to get pupils to work in groups writing their own original songs in French, using vocabulary largely drawn from years 3 and 4, including paying attention to rhyming sounds. The children learn additional musical instrument and musical genre vocabulary and expand their knowledge of the French names for European countries. They learn new sentence constructions to say that they play an instrument and live in a particular country and learn how to express likes and dislikes about different styles of music. The focus of lessons 4 and 5 provide opportunities to expand the learning over additional teaching time, to revise all vocabulary and grammar learning from years 3 and 4 and combine the unit with lessons in Art, Music and Geography.

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Lesson 1: Musical instruments in French

Children learn to ask and respond to the question whether or not they play a musical instrument, and learn the names and sounds of instruments.

Lesson 2: Musical genres in French

Children practise their French listening skills and learn how to ask and answer questions about their opinions, likes and dislikes of different musical genres, using their skills to conduct a class survey.

Lesson 3: France and the countries of Europe

Learning and memorising names of European countries and how to say you live in a country, using the correct preposition, researching and creating a poster about a character living in that country, and writing statements about the music the character likes and instruments they play.

Lesson 4: Writing songs and rehearsals in French

Using vocabulary and grammar from previous units in years 3 and 4, the children write individual verses for a group song and work in groups to write a group chorus, using French rhyming words.

Lesson 5: French singing contest - grand finale

The grand finale: pupils perform the songs they have written in French for the class Eurovision Song Contest, complete withany costumes and props to reflect the European countries they have researched.