French and the Eurovision Song Contest

This engaging topic uses the idea of the well-known and well-loved Eurovision Song Contest to get pupils writing their own original songs. The children look at various ways to ask questions, unpick and understand sentence structures, and use different vocabulary in different contexts. For the songs, children combine familiar words and phrases with new vocabulary to write their competition entry.

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Lesson 1: Musical instruments in French

Children learn to ask and respond to the question whether or not they play a musical instrument, and learn the names and sounds of instruments.

Lesson 2: Musical genres in French

Children express in French their likes and preferences for different genres of music and use their questioning skills to conduct a survey.

Lesson 3: France and the countries of Europe

Developing their reading, writing and speaking skills, children research European countries and write up their findings.

Lesson 4: Writing songs and rehearsals in French

Using familiar vocabulary and grammar from previous topics, the children work in groups to write an original song, using French rhyming words.

Lesson 5: French singing contest - grand finale

The grand finale: pupils perform their Eurovision Song Contest entries to the class, complete with costumes and props