Textiles: Waistcoats

Using the skills they’ve developed over the past few years, children select fabrics, use templates, pin, decorate and stitch to create a waistcoat for a person or purpose of their choosing

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Lesson 1: Waistcoat design

Drawing inspiration from famous waistcoat wearers, children design a waistcoat based on a theme of your choice


Lesson 2: Preparing Fabric

Using a template, pupils mark the outline of their waistcoat panels on fabric before cutting and pinning it


Lesson 3: Assembling my Waistcoat

Pupils sew the panels of their waistcoat together using a simple running stitch


Lesson 4: Decorating my Waistcoat

After assembling their waistcoat, children add decoration in the form of appliqué, beads, buttons or decorative stitching