Creating compositions in response to an animation

In this topic, pupils learn to tell stories through music. They begin this by first listening to music and considering the narrative it could represent by paying close attention to the dynamics, pitch and tempo and how they change throughout the piece. They then go on to create their own original compositions to match an animation, building up layers of texture

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Lesson 1: Telling Stories Through Music

After listening to a famous piece of music, children start to consider the story it tells, moving and acting to convey its meaning


Lesson 2: Creating a Soundscape

By listening to the sounds of different environments, children create the sounds of a mountain landscape using tuned and untuned percussion instruments


Lesson 3: Story Sound Effects

In this lesson, pupils watch a soundless animation, map its narrative on a story mountain, then create appropriate sound effects


Lesson 4: Adding Rhythm

Children explore different rhythmic ideas to accompany sections of the mountain-themed animation from the previous lesson


Lesson 5: Musical Mountain

For the grand finale, pupils add a melody to their composition which should match up with their section of the animation