Painting and mixed media: Paint my world

Exploring paint and painting techniques through nature, music and collaborative work. Developing creativity through child-led exploration of mixed-media, making collages and transient art.

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Lesson 1: Finger painting

Exploring paint through finger painting, children describe colours and textures and discuss their creations.

Learning Objective

To explore paint through finger painting

Lesson 2: Outdoor painting

Collecting materials and objects from nature to make painting tools; children use these to create abstract and figurative art.

Learning Objective

To create natural paintbrushes using found objects

Lesson 3: Painting to music

Using paint to record emotional responses to different pieces of music, creating exciting and expressive paintings.

Learning Objective

To respond to music through the medium of painting

Lesson 4: Collage and transient art

Creating unique collages and transient art through independent exploration of mixed media resources.

Learning Objective

To make child-led collages using mixed media

Lesson 5: Landscape collage

Developing an understanding of collage, children create landscape collages inspired by the work of Megan Coyle.

Learning Objective

To create landscape collages inspired by the work of Megan Coyle

Lesson 6: Group art

Working collaboratively, children create a large group painting inspired by the colours and patterns of fireworks.

Learning Objective

To create a large piece of group artwork based around fireworks