Y1/2: Health and wellbeing (Cycle B)

Understanding emotions, setting achievable goals and considering how to overcome difficulties, learning about the importance of activity, a healthy diet and relaxation for our wellbeing, learning how to look after our teeth.

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Y1/2 Lesson 1 (Cycle B): Understanding my feelings

The children recap their knowledge, demonstrating their understanding of the key terms of the topic.

Learning Objective

To describe and understand their feelings To develop simple strategies for managing these feelings

Y1/2 Lesson 2 (Cycle B): Steps to success

Children learn to identify their strengths and set themselves achievable goals.

Learning Objective

To understand their strengths and set themselves achievable goals

Y1/2 Lesson 3 (Cycle B): Developing a growth mindset

Developing resilience, children learn to identify strategies to help overcome barriers and manage difficult emotions.

Learning Objective

To identify strategies to help overcome barriers or manage difficult emotions To develop a growth mindset

Y1/2 Lesson 4 (Cycle B): Being active

Pupils learn about the benefits of physical activity, describing how they feel after exercise and identifying physical activities that they enjoy.

Learning Objective

To understand the benefits of physical activity

Y1/2 Lesson 5 (Cycle B): Relaxation: breathing exercises

Learning how relaxation affects the body, and breathing techniques to aid relaxation.

Learning Objective

To use breathing exercises to relax

Y1/2 Lesson 6 (Cycle B): Healthy diet

Learning what it means to have a healthy diet.

Learning Objective

To understand what it means to have a healthy diet

Y1/2 Lesson 7 (Cycle B): Looking after our teeth

Learning how we can keep our teeth healthy; exploring how food and drink can affect our teeth.

Learning Objective

To understand ways of looking after our teeth

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