Year 1/2 Family and relationships

Exploring how families can be different, the characteristics and impact of positive friendships; learning that issues can be overcome, people show feelings differently and that stereotyping is unfair. Looking at conventions of manners and developing an understanding of self-respect.

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Y1/2 Lesson 1 (Cycle B) Introduction: Setting ground rules for RSE & PSHE lessons

Introducing children to RSE & PSHE as a subject and exploring how to create a successful learning environment for these lessons.

Y1/2 Lesson 2 (Cycle B): Family

Understanding that different people can be in a family and that families look after us.

Y1/2 Lesson 3 (Cycle B): Friendships

Developing an understanding of the characteristics and importance of good, positive friendships.

Y1/2 Lesson 4 (Cycle B): Other people’s feelings

Children learn how other people show their feelings, that people can feel differently to them, and how to show others that they care.

Y1/2 Lesson 5 (Cycle B): Getting along with others

Beginning to understand how friendships can make us feel and the skills needed to work with other people.

Y1/2 Lesson 6 (Cycle B): Friendship problems

Pupils develop their understanding that friendships can have problems but that these can be overcome.

Y1/2 Lesson 7 (Cycle B): Gender stereotypes

Beginning to understand what is meant by a stereotype and how unhelpful and unfair it is to stereotype people.

Y1/2 Lesson 8 (Cycle B): Change and loss

Understanding about change and loss and how this can affect us.

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Teacher video: Families

Q&A with PSHE & RSE Consultant and teacher Kate Daniels

Teacher video: Friendships

Q&A with PSHE & RSE Consultant and teacher Sarah Huggins