Mixed-age Year 3/4

LKS2 French lessons tailored to the needs of a mixed-age setting. The lessons follow a 'Cycle A and Cycle B' format to ensure progression of skills across the age range. The Cycle A scheme will be fully ready to teach from January 2023 and Cycle B will be available to teach from September 1st 2023. Please see our mixed-age long-term plan for the advised unit order delivery.

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The Cycle A scheme will be fully ready teach from January 2023. Cycle B units will be ready from September 1st 2023.

Y3/4 Cycle A

Y3/4: French greetings with puppets (Cycle A)

Using puppets to practise a variety of French greetings and learning how to introduce themselves. Choosing the correct greeting based on the time of day and asking someone how they are.

Y3/4: French adjectives of colour, size and shape (Cycle A)

Describing shapes using adjectives of colour and size, learning the position of adjectives relative to the noun; noting cognates, practising language skills and developing confidence through games and creating animal and Christmas artworks inspired by the cut-outs of French artist, Henri Matisse.

Y3/4: Playground games - numbers and age (Cycle A)

Counting in French from one to twelve, recognising the written number words, talking about ages, comparing sentence structures in French and English and practising vocabulary by playing counting and traditional French games.

Y3/4: In a French classroom (Cycle A)

Responding to common classroom instructions through games. Learning vocabulary for classroom items. Understanding that every French noun is either ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine.’

Y3/4: Bon appetit (Cycle A)

Learning about French food and exploring different cultural customs; using language detective skills to spot cognates and near cognates; expressing opinions and using their knowledge to role-play a visit to a French market.

Y3/4 Cycle B