Pitch and tempo (Theme: Superheroes)

Everyone loves superheroes and this unit is a great way to introduce young children to pitch and tempo in a meaningful way. Learning how to identify high and low notes and to compose a simple tune, they explore some different instruments, as well as investigate how tempo changes help tell a story and make music more exciting

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Lesson 1: Pitch and tempo: High fliers

Children are introduced to the concept of pitch and learn to recognise low and high sounds in a superhero theme tune.

Lesson 2: Pitch and tempo: Pitch patterns

Using their understanding of pitch, children create a simple superhero theme tune using a low note and a high note.

Lesson 3: Pitch and tempo: Faster than a speeding bullet

Pupils develop their superhero theme tunes by adding tempo changes to make them sound more exciting.

Lesson 4: Pitch and tempo: Superhero theme tune

Children consider the features of superhero theme tunes before working in groups to create their own superhero compositions.

Lesson 5: Pitch and tempo: Final performance

Pupils perform their theme tune compositions and feedback to their peers, commenting on the pitch and tempo of their pieces.