Year 6 Advanced rhythms

Exploring rhythmic patterns in order to build a sense of pulse and using this understanding to create a composition.

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Lesson 1: Try Kodaly

Children learn about the work of Zoltan Kodaly and develop an understanding of the Kodaly music method

Lesson 2: Getting into the groove

Learning how to strengthen the feeling of pulse when working with rhythmic patterns through collaborative activities

Lesson 3: Clapping music

Children use their hands as instruments to explore rhythmic patterns in order to build the sense of pulse, inspired by Steve Reich's 'Clapping Music'

Lesson 4: Composing crews

Pupils use their knowledge of rhythm to create their own compositions and take on the role of a music critic to invite constructively critical discussions amongst peers

Lesson 5: Let’s notate

In the final lesson of this unit, children use their knowledge about rhythmic notation to notate their own composition